Symbol of hope

This is from one of our staff members, Shannan Cyboron:

Plants are one of my favorite things, and some people around here call me the “plant lady.” My office is full of different kinds of plants, big and small! One of these plants was given to me by a dear friend. She re-potted her African violet and decided to give me part of it.

Throughout the next several weeks, I saw the plant start to wither, the leaves drooping at the sides, looking lifeless and drab. Even though it was getting water and sunlight, something was off.

One particular Friday, I was feeling discouraged about some things that were happening in my life. As I was looking at that little plant, so sad and droopy, I prayed that God would share with me some kind of hope. That next Monday, I walked into my office, and I saw one beautiful purple violet, standing strong and proud in the midst of those wilting leaves. As simple as it was, I knew that was the answer to my prayer. God gave me that flower as a symbol of His hope.

Did you know there are three ways you may bring His hope to Deaf people?

1. Pray for Deaf people to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus
2. Give to Deaf Missions so more resources may be developed
3. Share Deaf Missions resources with Deaf people you know and meet

Thank you for being a beacon of God’s hope to Deaf people around the world. They, in turn, will share that hope with others in their communities, bringing many more Deaf people to Christ.Bless you for providing hope for many!

PRAY           GIVE             SHARE