Daily Devotions for the Deaf (later renamed Deaf Devo) has been a ministry of Deaf Missions since 1980. Through God’s provision and diligence of faithful, hard-working staff members through all these years, we amazingly succeeded in having a devotion for EVERY single one of those days! Not a day went by without a devotion published and distributed. The devotion books have reached people in more than 100 countries around the world. Praise God!

Now Deaf Missions has pusblished its final devotion book. This special edition has a full year’s worth of devotion…one for each day of the year for a total of 366 devotions.

This final Daily Devotions for the Deaf/Deaf Devo book honors the legacy of those who have been involved in this ministry and the impact this ministry has had on Deaf people and their families and friends through four decades. This book is not intended to only be for the year 2020, during which we will also celebrate Deaf Missions 50th year of ministry, but may be also utilized and read again and again in future years.  What a nice and memorable keepsake!

The devotions in this special edition along with many devotions written (and some signed) in previous editions will be archived and remain available for reading and viewing on the Deaf Missions website (www.deafmissions.com) and Deaf Missions Video App (www.deafmissions.com/app).

While Deaf Missions is eternally grateful for what has happened through the ministry of Daily Devotions for the Deaf/Deaf Devo, we enthusiastically and wholeheartedly move forward with what we strongly sense is God’s vision, mission and strategies for reaching Deaf people with the Gospel of Jesus in a rapidly changing world through current and future media and technology platforms. We will shift and increase our focus and ministries on utilizing video-based media and technology (i.e. mobile devices, apps, etc.) to transform the lives of Deaf people with God’s Word in their native, heart languages – sign languages – here and abroad.

Hallelujah! To God be the glory for great things He hath done and for great things He will continue to do!


Why are you stopping Daily Devotions for the Deaf in print?

We are shifting and increasing our focus on utilizing video-based media to reach Deaf people in their heart language – sign language.

What about Deaf people in prisons who are not allowed access to the Internet?

They will receive the special edition devotion book in the mail. They may keep this book and re-read it annually.

What about nursing homes where Deaf people live?

They will also receive the special edition devotion book in the mail, which they may keep and read again and again.

What about Deaf people in other countries where Internet access is limited?

They, too, will receive and may read the special edition devotion book.

Will the special edition book be reprinted?

As of now, we consider this a limited edition.

Will there be any new devotions in the future?

We are exploring innovative approaches and possibilities of doing devotions in the future in sign language in video format. If/when we do, the devotions will likely be outreach and/or discipleship based in stand-alone format made available via the Deaf Missions website and app and other video-based platforms.

Will the special edition devotion book be available in sign language in video format?
No, this special edition book will be in printed format only as a special gift to those who have appreciated the printed devotional booklets. Devotions developed and published from 2002 to 2019 have been made available via both printed booklets in English and video formats in American Sign Language. Many of these devotions are now archived and available for reading and viewing on the Deaf Missions website and app.