Overcoming Isolation

Millions of Deaf people all over the world are never taught how to sign so they are unable to have a simple conversation with those closest to them.  Without language, a Deaf person cannot connect with people on a deeper level, and many experience profound isolation for decades.

Deaf Missions knows the solution to isolation for Deaf people is the Gospel presented to them in sign language.  Signing is natural for Deaf people, and it is the most efficient and effective way to reach millions of Deaf people with the greatest story ever told – the story of Jesus.

Imagine yourself as a young boy in an orphanage in Liberia, Africa, abandoned by your parents simply because you are Deaf.  And while you are in the orphanage, you experience isolation due to very limited language access and many frustrating communication barriers.  How would you feel and, more importantly, how would you understand God’s Word and learn about the eternal salvation He offers to us through His Son, Jesus?

This was the life experience and tremendous challenge JP Josselyn faced from infancy to six years of age.  JP felt very isolated.  But God had a plan for Him…a plan far greater than he could ever imagine or know was coming.  Through this plan  JP would feel included and come to know Jesus as His Lord and personal Savior.

JP was adopted at the age of seven by Deaf Missions’ Video Producer, Joseph, and his wife, Nicole.  They brought JP to live with them in the United States.  Joseph and Nicole and their family and friends became language models for JP.  JP quickly learned American Sign Language (ASL), which was a natural language for him to learn and acquire.  People have commented, “JP signs just like his father, Joseph!”

Joseph and Nicole continued to communicate with JP and teach him God’s Word using ASL.  They have utilized Deaf Missions’ resources including the American Sign Language Version (ASLV) of the Bible as part of teaching JP about Jesus.

When JP was 10 years old, he proclaimed his faith in Jesus!  His parents had the honor of baptizing JP in a round portable tub in the basement of the home where JP had spent many hours learning from God’s Word in his heart language – sign language.

Now as a teenager, JP continues to mature in His faith in Christ.  He shares, “The ASLV Bible helps my sign language develop.  It helps me become a better signer.  The ASLV also helps me understand God’s Word more and more.”

Joseph adds, “JP often copies the signing when he watches the ASLV Bible.  As a result I can see that he knows and understands God’s Word so much more.  And watching the ASLV has even helped JP become skilled at answering Bible trivia questions!”

As JP ponders his future, he is excited and looking forward to seeing what God will do through his life and ministry.  One of his goals is to go on a mission trip to Colombia, South America, to reach Deaf children there with God’s Word in sign language!

JP is truly a testimony of God at work…the one true God who works through His people to overcome isolation and communication barriers and provide natural sign language access so that Deaf people may know, understand and follow Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior!

*View JP’s story at www.deafmissions.com/jp


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