For the next few days, our devotions will be based on verses in the Bible that use the word ?deaf? or talk about deaf people and signs. We will learn different lessons from these verses.
Today?s lesson is that everyone is a ?copy of God.? Verse 26 of our Bible Reading says, ?Then God said, ?Now let?s make man. We will make people as a copy of ourselves. People will be like us.??
I was born hearing. After having spinal meningitis when I was 16 months old, I became deaf. As a deaf Christian today, I truly believe God made me that way. I believe God has used spinal meningitis to make me into the person I am today. God is using me to reach out to other deaf people. I am able to communicate the Good News about Jesus with other deaf people through American Sign Language.
Whether you are deaf or hearing, God made you the way you are. God has a great plan for you. Always remember that everything God made is very good.