Endless Possibilities

The new year is fast approaching. As we look ahead at 2017, we are reminded that God’s calendar looks much different than hours. He knows the exact second that everything will happen – both good and bad.   It is our prayer that this next year we take every opportunity to share the Gospel with … Continued

Eternal Kingdom-Impact!

There is a wall here at Deaf Missions that has a large map of the world on it. This map serves to daily remind our staff and students why we are here – to impact Deaf lives globally with the Gospel of Jesus. Deaf Missions exists because only 2% of an estimated 70+ million Deaf … Continued

Without Deaf Missions, I would be lost.

Brenda Palmigiano has shared with us the impact that the American Sign Language Version (ASLV) of the Bible has had on her life.   While living in Rochester, New York, Brenda struggled to make sense of her printed English Bible. The language was difficult for her to understand, and she did not realize God’s will … Continued

Thanks to First Christian Church

Praise the Lord! Deaf Missions thanks First Christian Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa for their financial gift through their Harvest of Talents event. Their efforts will help reach even more Deaf people in their native, heart language!

ECFA Accreditation

PTL! We have once again passed the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) accreditation standards. Along with 2,100+ ministries, #deafmissions continue to show a growing desire for financial accountability and stewardship. #aslv #dmtc #bibletranslation #ecfa

End Bible Poverty

Continue to pray for us as we fill these “pages” with more books of the #aslv translation. It is our desire to reach out to millions of Deaf people through His Word. #deafmissions #endbiblepoverty